Thursday, October 31

7 easy steps to revitalise your hair!

Hello friends!

In today's post I come to you with 7 easy ways to vitalise damaged hair, or just simply improve its condition and infuse a little bit of shine. Rememeber my dear people that those are just first steps in a long way of getting beautiful and  healthy hair! Therefore, let's start!



7 steps to help

 your hair recover health&shine:

1. Cut, cut, and cut, the more the better! Get rid of dry and split ends. It doen't make much sense to waste product on them, right? Unless you are stubborn ;). If you have a long hair,but they are damaged cut it till shoulders. It's a big relief for your hair and will let them grow faster. Hair bulbs are 'working' faster and more efficient if they don't have to handle long, heavy hair.

2. Always wash you hair twice. What I mean by x2? First wash is in order to toss oil and dirt from the surface. Second wash, penetrate your hair's structure with vitamins and nutrients that are in the shampoo. Don't forget that!

3. NEVER wash you hair with hot water!! It reaaaaly doesn't improve you hair health...Warm water will be perfect.

4. Always, always, always finish washing your hair with rinsing the ends with cold water. After shampooing and conditioning rinse for a few sesonds the ends - but not the salp (unless you want to get ill) with cold water. It closes the hair cells.
Closed hair cells=shine.

5. Let your hair get dry naturally as often as it is possible. Use blow-dryer only when its REALLY necesarry. You hair will thank you for that.

6. Always use conditioner, after washing. Use those without silicones--> those bad bad things, plaster a hair and gives just an illusion of a health and shine.

7. Two-three times a month make a deep notrousing mask, keep it at least 3-4 houers on your hear. In the next posts Im going to provide you ideas for cheap and very effective ready as well as home made recepies for masks.


Thursday, September 12


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